A January Day

Corn crib lot

The cattle are protected from the wind by the windbreak created from the corn stalk bales.


     Twenty-six years ago (1988) today it was just as bitterly cold as it has been this week! That was the day I became an official “farm wife.” I grew up loving winter. When I can stay inside I still enjoy it as there are no weeds to pull and no tornadoes when it is this cold!

     However, rasing livestock involves being outside regardless of the weather conditions.Monday, after bedding the cattle, I concluded that it is bearable if you are prepared. My must haves for being outside on days like we have experienced this week include the following: Cuddl Duds, thick socks, hooded sweatshirt, handwarmers, and last but not least my fluorescent green ski mask from the 80’s (my children make fun of this item).
     Finally, knowing that a pot of chili is simmering on the stove is a comforting thought. Of course, the chili would not be possible if not for the ingredients that have had their start right here on the farm. That’s ultimately what makes being outside on days like this meaningful – knowing that we are playing a part in producing the safest, most wholesome product in the world for our family and your family’s dinner table. The hamburger is from our cattle, and furthermore the tomato soup and tomatoes were grown in our garden which is a few feet away from our modern hog barns.

     Speaking of hogs, we are in the process of getting new little pigs in this week. Last night we received some of the pigs. It takes a lot of time to make sure the buildings are clean and warm for the pigs. I know when we left the pig building last night it was warmer in there than in our house!

God Bless & Stay Warm,


West Hoop

The calves are sheltered from the wind and the snow in the hoop barn.


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