Dreaming of Spring

J & E's Sweet Corn

J & E’s Sweet Corn

As we are experiencing another frigid day, our thoughts turn to the signs of spring.

  1. Sweet corn seed has arrived.
  2. Both children are back to their respective colleges (counting down the days until spring break).
  3. Kindergarten teachers called to schedule a field trip this spring.

Some of the things taking place on the farm this week include the following:

  • Finalizing seed purchases for spring planting.
  • Hauling/spreading cattle manure.
  • Replacing/repairing parts in the hog buildings.
  • Hauling corn to feed mill for some of the cattle feed to be mixed.
  • Bookkeeping – including filing and cleaning office for new year.
  • Speaking to 4th graders about The Pork Industry in Iowa.

It was my pleasure to be a guest speaker two mornings last week in a fourth grade classroom sharing the importance of the pork industry to Iowa.  www.iowapork.org and the Quick Facts Book www.pork.org were some of the resources that I found useful for my presentation.  The Quick Facts Book can be downloaded.  It has so much information!  Some of the things that I would have liked to included (Did not have time for everything.) consisted of great resources for math class with the graphs and charts.

I also like the following quote that was found in the book:  “What did President Harry Truman have to say about hogs?  ‘No man should be allowed to be president who does not understand hogs.’ ”

Eat pork!  Take care. Stay warm!


Now the dog (Snickers) is the only chore help in the calf shed.

Now the dog (Snickers) is the only chore help in the calf shed.

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