Heart Month and Nutrition

pig and valentines 2February is the month of hearts – not just the valentine kind.  For fifty years February has been designated American Heart Month to raise awareness of the devastating effects of heart disease.  One of the things that is so important in preventing heart disease is proper diet.  Nutrition is a shared concern by many today; however many sources are not sharing the facts about nutrition, especially the positive effect of eating meat.  I would like to share some facts about heart health and eating beef.  The following link is exactly what I would like to share:


Speaking of nutrition, on the farm proper nutrition for our cattle and hogs take up a big part of each day.  We grind the feed for our cattle.  We have some cattle at other farms, so the feed needs to be hauled to them.  On Friday, (Yes, Valentine’s Day) we got a new feed truck.  (My Valentine present.  One year I got a brand new skid loader!)  Anyway, it was dark when they ( Grandpa and Jacob a.k.a. “Old Man” & “The Young Buck”) got home with the truck Friday night.  On Saturday I was gone when it left to make its first delivery.  It made it, but got stuck in the barnyard.  Hopefully, it will be home tomorrow.

The first baby calves of our next rotation arrived today.  We will be feeding them milk three times a day for the next four weeks.  In addition, they will be introduced to a small amount of grain in about a week.

Next time I will write more about preparing for each group of new calves.

Have a good day.  Enjoy some beef.


Julie VM