Growing Season

Both livestock and crops are growing on our farm this summer. Last Tuesday we received a new group of pigs. The calves that arrived in May are beginning to be weaned. Today marks the day that we are down to feeding milk once a day, which means we chore in the calf shed twice a day instead of three times each day. We are thankful today that our crops are still looking great. However, we realize that it can change in an instant. Our hearts go out to those affected in northwest & southwest Iowa, and southern Minnesota.


Pigs arrived last Tuesday!


City Cousin Heather turns “pig farmer”.

Hayden Pigs

Our friend Hayden loves bacon!


Corn on June 6, 2014.


Corn on June 16, 2014.


Emily has created a Facebook page for J & E’s Delicious Sweet Corn.  Make sure to ‘like’ it for the latest updates on Jacob & Emily’s sweet corn business.


Photo by Joe Murphey, Iowa Soybean Association




Sweet Corn on June 6, 2014



J & E’s Sweet Corn with the oats and field corn in the background.


Sweet Corn on June 16, 2014


We also have a few acres of oats. Besides being a part of crop rotation, oats provide a much needed product for us – STRAW! After the oats are combined we bale small square bales of straw. We use the straw daily for bedding in the calf shed.




Oats on June 16, 2014


The soybeans here at home were planted a little later than the rest of the soybeans.


Soybeans: June 16, 2014



Snickers is inspecting the sweet corn patch as she helps Emily take pictures.

Snickers is inspecting the sweet corn patch as she helps Emily take pictures.



This is the group of calves that are just before the group in the calf shed now.  Calf Care – Our Babes  They  will soon be moved into a hoop barn in order for the calves in the calf shed to be moved to this barn before our next anticipated arrival of calves in the middle of July.


Our calves are growing too!


Have a good day!




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