Summer 2014

Wow! Where did the summer go? It is hard to believe that it is the middle of September! Here are a few things that have taken place on our farm the past couple of months.

When I wrote in July, Jacob and Emily were busy with their sweet corn business and we were feeding calves three times a day. Both of these events took us into August.
SC Fareway (2)


Some of  the other projects that took place during this time period included the following:

Baling straw for calf bedding.
Straw 2

Repairs on our older hog barn included installing new bulk bins and putting a new roof on the barn.
IMG_4717 (2)
Bulk Bins 2
IMG_5064 (2)

It was as pretty cool summer. The curtains on the hog barns are usually down in the summer, but several mornings this summer they were up in order to keep the pigs comfortable.
IMG_5004 (2)

We were able to go to the Iowa State Fair a couple of days.
Girls State Fair

We enjoyed working at Iowa Food and Family Project booth. We had some good help!

Girls working state fair

Jacob enters vegetables in the open class show. It takes quite a bit of prep to take vegetables to the fair.

Jacob was excited to have the first place sweet corn in both the yellow and yellow/white categories at the Iowa State Fair!

Sweet Corn 2014
img009 (2)

After selecting the ingredients for state fair – something has to be done with the extras. So we did a little preserving (canning) of vegetables.

Enjoying some end of the summer brother/sister bonding time in the calf shed on a rainy day before Em heads back to college.
Kids in Calf shed 2014

Snickers enjoys the calf shed and she learned to ride in the back of the pick up like a “real” farm dog!
Snick Calf Shed
Snick in pickup

Emily helped care for the flowers. (Not her favorite job. She would rather be on the lawn mower or in the pool!)

 95700061IMG_5015 (4) - Copy

We are about ready to start harvest and as I am writing this – Kevin is on his way for day one of our next calf group! I need to go power wash some panels. (Yesterday they thought it would be another day!  We knew we should be ready today, but with a 95% chance that it would be the next day. I mowed yard instead of power washing panels!) FALL IS HERE!

Have a great day!

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