31 Days of Fall Flavors

31 days of fall flavors

Wow! It is hard to believe that it is the third day of October. Fall is definitely in the air here in central Iowa. In fact, it almost feels like the “w” word (winter) and the fall harvest of our corn and soybeans has barely started. A couple of weeks ago when my turkey farmer friend, Katie On the Banks of Squaw Creek shared this opportunity to write 31 blog posts in October, I was excited and began jotting down recipes ideas. (Yes, I am still old school and write out many things on paper!) So, in the next 31 days I plan to share Fall Flavors from our house. You will find that most recipes use basic ingredients, can be easily transported to the field, and include many of those warm rich flavors we think of when we enter the season of fall.
Day 1:Welcome to 31 Days of Fall Flavors
Day 2: Taco Dip
Day 3: Sunday
Day 4: Goulash
Day 5: Frozen Fruit Cups
Day 6: Pork
Day 7: Apple Dumplings
Day 8: My Two “Go to Bars”
Day 9:  Sunday
Day 10: Sunday
Day 11: Pork Loin with a German Flare
Day 12: Candy Corn
Kids Holsteins

Pigs - October Pork Month

Popcorn (2)

Apple month 2

The next 31 days I plan to share recipes that include main meat dishes, salads, desserts, and miscellaneous items. Included will also be a German dish as we have the privilege of being a host family for Karl from Germany this fall! Some items we will be preparing for my sister’s wedding reception the first of November.
Furthermore, I will also include some math lessons using food. (Believe me – as a former middle school math teacher, I used food more than once to grab students’ attention for math!) It is my hope that whether these recipes are familiar flavors or new flavors that they will inspire you to have a flavorful fall.

Happy fall!


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