Fall Flavors – Pork

October is National Pork Month!  Today I would like to share some information/recipes about pork that I wrote last spring.

fried-crispy-bacon-19965453To find a list of uses for bacon and a recipe for Ham Spread and BBQ Pork Chops click here: PIGS ARE GOOD FOR IOWA.

Iowa FARM fact

With assets of corn, soybeans, farmers and packing capacity, Iowa is the ideal location for pork production. The “Tall Corn” state also needs plenty of fertilizer to produce the bushels of corn and soybeans fed to pigs. Approximately 10 finishing pigs from weaning to market provide the nutrient needs of an acre of Iowa cropland on a semi-annual basis. Nutrients from one 2,400-head pig barn benefits a half-section of land (240 acres). One hog consumes approximately 9 to 10 bushels of corn from birth to a market weight of 275 pounds!  Iowa Pork Producers

Enjoy some Iowa raised pork!


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