Fall Flavors – Candy Corn

Happy National Candy Corn Day! When I taught middle school math, food was always a good way to grab students’ attention. Several years ago I found out about this day and it was a great way to celebrate fall and teach about the uses of corn, too!

I used the following video to introduce candy corn. Candy Corn History tells the history of candy corn in addition to showing the process of making candy corn.
Following are a few ideas that I used in the classroom. For an estimation activity the students estimated the number of candy corns in a jar.
CandyCorn worksheet
– A serving size of 22 pieces contains 140 calories and no fat. (How many calories per piece?)
– The National Confectioners Association estimates that 35 million pounds of candy corn are sold annually. (How many tons is that?)
– Each piece is approximately 3 times the size of a whole kernel from a dried ear of corn.
Candycorn poem

Candy Corn

NOW – for another exciting thing about candy corn! As corn farmers we grow one of the top ingredients in candy corn – corn syrup – a product made from corn. On our farm we use most of our corn to feed our cattle; however, it is truly amazing to think of all of the other uses of corn.

Click here to learn the Many Uses of Corn.

IMG_5212 (2)
Harvest continues to make progress.
Happy National Candy Corn Day!
P.S. I will include the recipe for sugar cookies in another post. I have yet to find a candy corn cookie cutter that I like, so I just use a pattern I created out of cardboard. I know there are companies that make such things out of your own design, but I always think of it too close to when I need it! (Imagine that!)

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