The Many Hats of Farm Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! Today we (Jacob, Kate, & Emily) decided to hack moms blog for Mother’s Day. Throughout the years, mom has done many presentations to promote agriculture in schools. One of her famous presentations is “The Many Hats of Farmers”. Throughout this presentation, mom would explain to students that farmers have many different jobs such as animal caretakers, land stewards, and truck drivers. We decided to change that up a bit in honor of Mother’s Day and create the many hats of farm moms.

The Many Hats of Farm Mom’s


Hat 1: The Secretary/Bookkeeper. Moms are in charge of making sure everything and everyone is where they should be. Farm moms not only have to keep track of family happenings, but they also have to keep track of business operations that take place on the farm. This job in and of itself could be a full time job.

Hat 2: The Professional Chauffeur. Our mom should probably paint her car yellow and start charging by the mile. Many miles get put on the cars everyday. Mom drives many miles taking the foreign exchange student, Karl, to school and other activities. Farm mom’s not only have to take care of getting their children to activities, but they also keep very busy hauling the men around to fields and running errands to town to pick up parts that are a must need.

Hat 3: The Chef. Farm moms are the best at creating meals for their family from fresh, homegrown products. Mom cooks many meals a week, but not only does she have to provide meals for our family, she also provides meals for the other people that are helping out on the farm that day. When planning meals, farm moms must be very flexible because the may not know how many people need to fed, what time the meals need to be provided (there could be an early lunch, so they can get to the field or a late lunch, so they can finish up a project before heading in), or where the meals will take place (Will they be at home? In the field? Which field?.)

Hat 4: The Maid. The laundry doesn’t wash and get folded itself. Mom usually spends many late nights up doing laundry so the family has clean clothes the next day. She has to balance farm clothes. and “normal/presentable” clothes. Each needs to be cleaned and with all other responsibilities she has during the day she somehow gets this one done, even while we are sleeping.

Hat 5: The Agriculture Educator. Every mom knows that education is important. Farm moms know that agriculture education is important. One of our mom’s passions is to promote and teach agriculture in elementary classes. She thinks it is very important to educate children about agriculture at a young age, and she takes this job seriously. She spends a lot of time volunteering in classrooms and promoting agriculture. She is also willing to host many different groups of students to the farm. Each May, there are hundreds of students that have the opportunity to do something many of them have never done before- visit a farm, specifically our farm.

Hat 6: Public Relations Consultant. Not only is it important to tell children about the story of agriculture, it is also important to tell adults. As a Commonground volunteer, mom has many opportunities to share the story of agriculture. This requires her to go to many trainings and classes (Which she thoroughly enjoys!) This is also a great opportunity to host urban families on the farm.

Hat 7: The Grounds Keeper. This consists of keeping watch over Snickers’ favorite toys along with pulling weeds in the flower bed. She may know every inch of the yard because she has mowed it countless times the last 15 years. (She has to prepare for all of the farm tours, of course!)

Hat 8: The Animal Caretaker/Dad’s Right Hand Woman. One of mom’s primary jobs on the farm is calf care. The calves need fed three times a day, most of the time mom is out there feeding them. Typically during the fall and spring, during the really busy days in the field, mom is the head and lone calf feeder.

Hat 9: The Dog Sitter. Since Snickers, the farm dog, is the favorite child, she gets mom’s up-most attention everyday. It does not matter what mom is doing, whether she’ s weeding the flowers, planting the garden, or feeding calves, Snickers always has a softball to throw and is ready to play. Also, at the end of the day, Snickers, is always ready to cuddle with Mom.

Hat 10: The Loving Wife and Mother. Most of all, our mom takes her job as a mom and wife most seriously. No matter how busy she is or what she is doing, she takes time out of the week to spend time with her family and make sure we are all taken care of!

Note: Mom usually doesn’t wear hats and we had her pose for these pictures and she had no idea what they were for, Needless to say she was none too thrilled by the end of the photo shoot, but that is why we love her!

FullSizeRender (1)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! (And to all the other moms and farm moms!)


Jacob, Kate, and Emily (Snickers, too!)

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