Planting 2015

Planting of corn and soybeans is now complete.  A couple of weeks ago Grandma B.  even had the chance to ride with Jacob as he planted corn.  She was pretty proud!


An unexpected thing is being “planted” in the field across the road from us this spring! Pipeline! Who would have ever thought in the middle of the country on the gravel road? I guess you never know! It is being shipped in on the train and then trucked to the field. We actually saw the train cars from Grandpa and Grandma Van’s house the other day! ( We think they should have leased Grandpa’s field right below the tracks and they could have just rolled it down the hill.) Not really – it is nice bottom ground – great for growing corn and soybeans needed to feed our livestock!


This picture is taken from our field!

Pipeline Train

We can see the train loaded with pipes from Grandpa and Grandma’s deck.


It is really cool to look through the pipes as you are going down the road!


The pipes are trucked from the railroad and unloaded.


The piles are growing each day.

A few more pictures from corn planting.  We have been blessed with a beautiful spring!
IMG_6469 (3)

IMG_6596 (3)

Using the soil finisher to prepare the seed bed.


The old planter gets an overhaul. All new except the frame.


Ready to plant corn!


So many different parts to the planter to assist with precise planting.


It is so cool to see the tractor on the screen as it moves through the field. The colored shows what is planted.


The technology allows us to be more precise and less wasteful in the use of fuel, seed, and fertilizer.


The planter uses the marker to make the next line for the tractor to follow.


Following the marked line for a straight rows!


Jacob was the chief planter this spring.


Hayden, Jacob’s harvest buddy, had to experience planting!


Filling the planter.

IMG_6799 (2)

Night time planting is so peaceful.

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