Reflections of the Week and Zucchini Bread

Back to school takes on a different meaning as college students return to school.  As just the two of us sat in church last Sunday morning I couldn’t help but wonder where the years have gone.  Since we were greeters, we were seated as the service was ready to begin in the back with the young families.  After a baptism, the song Find Your Wings by Mark Harris was played. How appropriate as I was reflecting on the past twenty-three years as we sat amongst the young families. (I might have even had a tear or two as the song was played.) Emily and I also had another experience this week that I will share next week.

J and E 2000

Emily pointing out her picture on display at the IOWA FOOD AND FAMILY PROJECT’S display at the Iowa State Fair.

Emiy State Fair 2

Jacob and Kate proudly display their ribbons in the Agricultural Building at the Iowa State Fair.

State Fair Kate and Jacob

Some of the week’s happenings on the farm included the following activities:
Pouring cement for a grain bin and a wider driveway by the hoops.
Cement 2015

We sold the first load of hogs out of the group of pigs that arrived the week we had school children visit in May.

Pigs August 25
The calves in this hoop were the “new” calves in the calf shed in May.
Calves Hoop
This is the last week for sweet corn this summer.
Sweet Corn Aug25
The field corn is starting to turn. It will soon be harvest time.
Corn Augsut 27 2015

Snickers even looks a little sad this week. She misses her Emily!
Snickers August 2015
The cooler week made me feel like baking in the morning. This is one of my family’s favorite ways to use zucchini. Today I am sharing a recipe from one of my mom’s friends.

Zucchini Bread

img127 (2)Grease and flour three pans.  (I actually use a large one – the Pampered Chef stone loaf pan and a pan that measures 3 1/2 ” x 7 1/2″.  Bake at 350 degrees. (45 minutes for the smaller pan and 1 hr. for the larger pan.)  Turn out of pan and cool on wire rack.  This also freezes well, but seldom makes it to the freezer at our house! 
Have a great weekend!

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