Thankful Thursday

Sunset Thankful Thursday

(This was actually last week; it was too wet to be in the field today.)

10:29 p.m. – Just got out of the shower.  Calves fed, guys fed and  will be in the field for a few more hours.  I am thinking popcorn and a little HGTV (after the weather of course).  Total control of the remote – no ballgames or war movies!

PHONE RINGS – Jacob: “What are you doing?  I need one more bag of corn!”

After throwing on a sweatshirt over my comfy clothes I was on my way!

As I was on my journey I began thinking of all of the little things to be thankful for as I ventured out to the field at this time of day.


10. It was only one bag.

9.  I got to drive a good pick up.  (The other night I drove the old stick shift.)

8.  Beautiful spring night!

7.  I only had to go about a mile from home to the field.

6.  He was in the field with a long grass buffer strip that runs along the river that I could drive on so I did not have to worry about driving in the freshly planted field.

5.  The song on the radio, Amarillo Sky, by Jason Aldean was perfect.

4.  DVR to rewind and watch the news.

3.  I was back home shortly.

2.  Saved me some calories because I would have had LOTS of butter on my popcorn.

1.  Blessed to work with our 23 year old son!!

Upon arrival at the field the planter was still moving (always a good sign – they do not like to wait).

Pulled up; Jacob got out of the tractor and said, “I can’t believe I made it – don’t need it.”


Good night everyone!



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