Friday Farm Update and Asparagus Gravy

Beef Wagon two

The wagon on my patio reminds us that May is National Beef Month!

Soybeans 2016 Planter Fill

Last Saturday we planted our final field of soybeans!

Soybeans Bean Buggy

This is the seed tender that holds a bulk container of beans.  Jacob is getting ready to turn on the motor to transfer the seed from the container to the planter!

Soybeans Jacob May 212016

Jacob guides the tube that transfers the seed to the planter boxes.

Soybeans 2016 Bean BoxSoybeans 2016 Filling Planter


Calves out at Barrs May 212016

I usually do not take pictures when we have cattle out, but Saturday we had plenty of chasers and I could not resist the beautiful sky, green grass and of course the pretty black and whites.



Field Corn 2016 May 26

This field of corn is by the calf shed so we see it at least twice a day!  Yesterday I think it grew from morning to evening chores!  We have had perfect corn growing weather the last couple of days!


Garden 2016 May 25

Now that the corn, soybeans, and several plantings of sweet corn have been planted – Farmer Jacob has been busy planting more garden this week.  I did manage to sneak a few flowers in on one end of the garden.

On the farm we talk about the crops we grow and the livestock we raise, but one of the greatest resources on the farm is our children – future generations.  Last week both of our children spread their wings.  Both experienced great life events, but they do cause a mother AND a father to reflect and  become a little emotional!!

First, last Tuesday, May 17th – Farmer Jacob became engaged to Kate, a farm girl from northwest Iowa.  (They actually met here on our farm nearly three years ago – a story for another time.)  They were in northwest Iowa planting soybeans and Kate found a “rock” in the field!  We are so excited about this news and the next phase in our lives.  God is good!


Farmer Jacob and our beautiful (on the outside and inside) future daughter-in-law, Kate!

Then last Thursday, May 19th, we put Miss Emily on a plane to go overseas for a mission trip for two months!!  We just had our first communication from her yesterday!  A whole week without texting, e-mail, talking!  (We did hear that they made it there last week.)

Emily baggage

Emily beginning her journey at the airport.

Snickers on Backpack

She asked Grandma Van to make a strap for her pillow so she could attach it to her backpack.  Grandma found this little button to remind her of Snickers!

Emily Airport

Emily’s team as they said good-bye at the airport last week.

Emily Albania first pict

Emily and her team are now overseas!


One of our favorite seasonal meals for the month of May is Asparagus Gravy.  Our asparagus season is nearly over, but you can still find asparagus at the grocery store and at the farmer’s market.  This recipe is easy to reduce or increase depending on your crowd.


                                                ASPARAGUS GRAVY

White Sauce

8 Tbsp. (1 stick) butter

½ cup flour

1 tsp. salt*

½ tsp. pepper

4 cups milk

Melt butter in saucepan.  Add flour, salt, and pepper.  Add milk all at once and cook over high heat.  Cook until thick.

Add cooked asparagus and dried beef.  Serve over toast.

*If using store bought dried beef I usually do not add as much salt.

The other night I did not want to mess with the toaster – so I toasted the bread in the oven after buttering it and sprinkling with a little garlic salt.


May is National Beef Month!

Here is a link to some quick recipes using beef!  Qucik Beef Recipes

Have a great weekend!



Wordless Wednesday

Today I am sharing a few photos that show a few of the things that have been happening around here the first part of May.

IMG_2690IMG_2692IMG_2693Day Two plant 2016 2Day Two Plant 2016

IMG_2617 (3)

The “old guys” are greasing the soil finisher.


Snickers chose to ride to coffee time on Grandpa’s gator.


A rainy day project – new gates welded.


The chains are even welded on so they do not fall off!


Beautiful sunsets!


Our little girl still loves her kittens!

Saturday Night Supper

Saturday night pizza delivery!

Supper Jacob

Supper delivered right to the tractor cab!


Jacob (back right) played on the YMCA’s Men’s Basketball winning team with some high school teammates and his high school coaches.


The day the 4th graders visited the farm cousin Lauren proudly showed off her Wyffels T-shirt that Jacob gave her.


The calves in the calf shed are now seven weeks old and they are beginning to jump out of their pens – so it is not unusual to be greeted by a couple each time we enter the calf shed!

Dog's Eye View 3

You may have heard the term “bird’s eye view”  – well this is the DOG’S EYE VIEW in the calf shed.  The other day I needed to retrieve a feed sack from the top of the stack so I took these pictures from the same spot that Snickers enjoys while  in the calf shed.


Lynnville-Sully FFA members are experts at making 100 SMORES !


Kindergartners enjoy rolling down the hill during lunch break!

FullSizeRender (5)

Kindergartners enjoy the rye after looking at the sweet corn.

Have a great rest of the week!