Wordless Wednesday

Today I am sharing a few photos that show a few of the things that have been happening around here the first part of May.

IMG_2690IMG_2692IMG_2693Day Two plant 2016 2Day Two Plant 2016

IMG_2617 (3)

The “old guys” are greasing the soil finisher.


Snickers chose to ride to coffee time on Grandpa’s gator.


A rainy day project – new gates welded.


The chains are even welded on so they do not fall off!


Beautiful sunsets!


Our little girl still loves her kittens!

Saturday Night Supper

Saturday night pizza delivery!

Supper Jacob

Supper delivered right to the tractor cab!


Jacob (back right) played on the YMCA’s Men’s Basketball winning team with some high school teammates and his high school coaches.


The day the 4th graders visited the farm cousin Lauren proudly showed off her Wyffels T-shirt that Jacob gave her.


The calves in the calf shed are now seven weeks old and they are beginning to jump out of their pens – so it is not unusual to be greeted by a couple each time we enter the calf shed!

Dog's Eye View 3

You may have heard the term “bird’s eye view”  – well this is the DOG’S EYE VIEW in the calf shed.  The other day I needed to retrieve a feed sack from the top of the stack so I took these pictures from the same spot that Snickers enjoys while  in the calf shed.


Lynnville-Sully FFA members are experts at making 100 SMORES !


Kindergartners enjoy rolling down the hill during lunch break!

FullSizeRender (5)

Kindergartners enjoy the rye after looking at the sweet corn.

Have a great rest of the week!


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