Buster Bar Dessert

The last two weeks have been pretty hot here in central Iowa!  Too hot to have extra heat from the oven in the house; so when it is time for dessert I like to turn to ice cream desserts. Today I am sharing one of my favorites – Buster Bar Dessert. It is easy to make and contains butter and ice cream!  A great treat to celebrate June – National Dairy Month!

Milk Jug

                                                                      BUSTER BAR DESSERT

1 reg. size pkg. Oreo cookies                                ½ cup melted butter

½ gallon softened vanilla ice cream                    1 pkg. salted Spanish peanuts

2 cups powdered sugar                                         2/3 cup chocolate chips

½ cup butter                                                1 can evaporated milk


Crush Oreo cookies with their fillings.  Combine crushed cookies with melted butter and place in bottom of 9×13 pan.

Spoon softened ice cream over crumb mixture.  Sprinkle with peanuts.  Place in freezer.

Combine remain ingredients in sauce pan and heat until chips melt.  Bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes.  Let cool thoroughly (cold).

Pour over dessert and freeze until firm.  Before serving, allow to soften slightly.

Buster Bar Dessert

Even though we are not dairy farmers – our cattle operation would not exist if it were not for a dairy farm.  We raise Holstein bull calves which we purchase from a dairy farm.  Holsteins have black and white markings and are the most common dairy breed.


Photo credit to Joe Murphy.

ENJOY a glass of ice cold milk and many other dairy products as you celebrate National Dairy Month!


Have a great day!


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