A  Write 31 Days Challenge for the month of October has been available for a few years.   This is my third attempt at the challenge. (Third time is a charm!)  I am borrowing a title from the latest e-newsletter (that you can also sign up to receive) from my friends at Iowa Food and Family Project.

This time of year makes me think of comfort food and baking.  Also in the fall, I begin craving certain flavors including apple and pumpkin.  So now for the next 31 days the plan is to share some of these fall recipes with you!   Furthermore, I am excited to share some photos and stories highlighting where the miracle of food begins as I chronicle daily activities on the farm during this harvest season.

Oh yes, I am sure many of you are aware of the countdown to the election!  Well, we have our own countdown – for J and K’s Big Day!   You just add eleven to the election count down and it will be the day that our baby boy, Jacob ( a.k.a. the tall boy) marries his beautiful bride, Kate! (46 days from today!) So, October will definitely be an eventful month!

Following are a few of the categories that my recipes will include in the next 31 days!









Today  (Day 1) I am sharing a recipe that I shared in the past in honor of National Taco Day.

Please click on the link below the picture for the recipe for  INDIAN TACOS.


Day 1 – Indian Tacos

Day 2 – Pork Chops and Soybeans

Day 3 – Celebrate National Apple Month with Apple Dip

Day 4 – Orange Slice Cookies

Day 5 – National Sausage Pizza Day

Day 6 – Happy World Egg Day!

Day 7 – Food for Thought – Sunday in October

Day 8 – World Food Prize

Day 9 – Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

Day 10 – Local Food and Mini Cheesecakes

Day 11 – Grandma Van’s Potato Salad

Happy Fall!



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