Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

Today we had a nice surprise as Emily came home for the day!  She had no classes as most of her professors are attending the National FFA Convention.  Since Ham and Scalloped Potatoes is one of her favorite meals that is what we had for supper tonight!


Unloading the corn from the combine.  It looks like we should be done with harvest in time for the wedding!


We were able to move home tonight!


Our calves enjoy their fresh corn!


Our pets enjoy being part of the fall displays.


Snickers is surrounded by some of Jacob’s pumpkin crop!


Helping the crew move from field to field can be exhausting!


Two months from today this will be the new Mr. and Mrs. Van Manen!!


Recipe credit to my sister-in-law Michele from the Jansen Family Cookbook

6-8 slices of cubed ham

8-10 thinly sliced potatoes

1 or 2 cans cream of celery soup of mushroom

2 cups shredded Velveeta cheese

1 onion, chopped

salt and pepper to taste


Put half of ham, potatoes, onion, and cheese in greased crock pot.  Sprinkle with with salt and pepper.  Repeat layers.  Spoon soup over top.  Cook on low 8 hours or high 4 hours. Tonight I actually put it in a 9 x 13 and baked for 2 hours at 325 degrees.

(I love Pampered Chef stoneware.  I use the 9 x 13 baker.  I also have the basket with handles.  The stoneware keeps it very warm and I think it is just as easy to transport a 9 x 13 as a crock pot!)

I had good intentions of getting it in the crock pot this morning, but we ended up attending a land auction.  Then this afternoon Emily and I met up with the lady that will alter her bridesmaid dress.  She is also a farm wife and we needed to time it with her when her truck was at the bins! Next thing I knew it was about time for me to go to church.  With Emily’s help we threw this together before I left for church!

It was another beautiful night for a field meal! Kinda scary what winter could be like!  We just pray for good weather for Nov. 19th!

Take care,


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