Local Food and Mini Cheesecakes

A little food for thought today –

The words locally grown or local food are terms that you read or hear quite frequently.  I totally agree that local food is great – we have a large garden, the children grow sweet corn, and we eat our own beef and pork.  In addition, the children sell their sweet corn and we sell a few cattle and pigs directly to people.  However, there are few things to think about here.   Read what Wanda from Minnesota Farm Living says about this topic.  I could not have said it better.  In addition, certain parts of the country having better growing conditions for certain crops.  Following I have listed a few of the states and what local products that you think of when you think of the particular state.

Yesterday, when I (actually Emily made them for a trial run for a bridal shower she is hosting today) made these cheesecakes the other day, I was not able to go to my garden and harvest fresh strawberries, blueberries, or the Kiwi; therefore, I was thankful I could stop at my local Fareway and purchase them.

BlueberriesFlorida OrangesGeorgia PeanutsIdaho potatoesmarch-of-the-apples-posterMissouri Peaches 2wisconsin cheese

Corn Fed Beef

Steak photo credit to Iowa Beef Industry Council and Beef Checkoff.

Iowa Chops

Pork Chop photo credit to Food and Swine.

Iowa Sweet Corn

Lower right photo credit to Joe Murphy, Iowa Soybean Association.


AE Dairy is a local dairy in our state.  When Kevin’s family milked cows they sold the milk to AE; furthermore, all of our calves that we have purchased the last eight years are from a dairy that sells its milk to AE!




1 14oz. sweetened condensed milk

3 eggs

3 pkg. cream cheese ( 8 oz.)

Vanilla Wafers

Fresh fruit for topping

Regular size cupcake wrappers

Place vanilla wafer in cupcake wrapper in muffin tin.

Mix other ingredients together.  Place on top of wafers.

Bake at 325 degrees for 13-15 minutes.  Cool

Top with fruit.


Have a great weekend!



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