My Top Ten Cookbooks

This time of year we tend to search for comfort food recipes. Nowadays, it seems that many of us tend to search for recipes online.  I still enjoy reading magazines and clipping recipes.  (My almost 30 year collection needs to be organized.  By now if I have not made the recipe; I think it is time to dispose of it!)  However, now I also find my self searching on the internet and using Pinterest to save recipes to try some day!  Nevertheless; most of my favorite recipes come from cookbooks.  Following you will see My Top Ten Cookbook List to celebrate National Cookbook Month!


A collection of recipes from Kevin’s Grandma Jansen’s family in honor of Grandma and Grandpa J.’s 60th wedding anniversary.


My mom listened to this family on the radio each week.  They published several cookbooks.


It is hard to beat a church cookbook.  This is one of my favorites because the cover was drawn by my little brother – one of my best friend’s brother.  It also contains one of my favorite chicken casserole recipes.


The Sully Christian School cookbooks contain some great  recipes!  I have an older edition (1987) that I received as one of my first cookbooks as a shower gift from Grandma J.  (The cover is missing from it!)  When the newer edition was printed, our children were students and I was a teacher.


One of my college roommate’s mother’s family created this unique cookbook.  It is fun because the recipes are organized by the month while featuring celebrations of the particular season.


Hamburger can be used so many ways as is featured in this cookbook.  One of my favorite recipes, Stromboli is from this cookbook.


Just a couple of weeks ago I was able to visit with Julie at our local grocery store.  She is a farm wife who opened up her family farm home to guests.  She makes the best sweet rolls!


This is one of the newer cookbooks in my collection.  I was able to meet the authors at the Iowa State Fair a few years ago.  They share their love of baking which includes many recipes that have a story behind them.  A good cookbook when you want some great desserts!


In a few weeks, this cookbook will come in handy!  Hot turkey sandwiches and turkey salad are two of my favorite recipes.


Another rather new cookbook in my collection which features some of my farm women friends/bloggers.


Remember to share the link to this blog post and you could win your copy of the Iowa Food and Family Cookbook!

What is your favorite cookbook?

For previous year’s recipes see the links below.

31 Days of Fall Flavors

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Enjoy a good cookbook this weekend!


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