A Family Tradition: Chocolate Covered Cherries

And the Christmas Goodies countdown to Christmas begins: 24 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

Our last family Thanksgiving get-together takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving at Grandpa & Grandma Van Manen’s. First we have a variety of soups for supper, and then we head to Grandma’s canning kitchen to continue the evening making Chocolate Covered Cherries. We have made Chocolate Covered Cherries for as long as I can remember…. Even as long as my mom can remember… so that’s a LONG time.


Here’s a look into Cherry making 2016: (All of my uncles will be none too thrilled to see their pictures on the internet.)


Uncle Eric hard at work making sure the filling boils to the proper temperature.


Grandma working the candy. It must be cool enough to shape, but not too stiff.  The marble board helps too cool the candy.


Powdered sugar is  essential when it comes to rolling out the cherries.


Uncle Trent & Uncle Todd precisely covering each cherry with chocolate.


Cousin Ashlyn assisting with the chocolate dipping.

Over the years we have had a lot of fun and create many memories while making chocolate covered cherries and I am excited to continue this tradition for years to come!

Love, Emily

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