The Perfect Man: Gingerbread Cookies


When I’m searching for the perfect Christmas present for my friends, a lot of times I end up on Pinterest. Last year, I stumbled upon a poem called “The Perfect  Man” referring to gingerbread cookies. I enjoy cheesy humor and giving my friends a hard time every once in a while, so I couldn’t resist – I just had to send this poem to some of my friends. So, I whipped up a batch of gingerbread cookies, gathered some large envelopes, and sent three of my friends their “perfect man” in the mail. But, I didn’t stop there. We also had some gingerbread women, and a cousin that could use a “perfect women”. This called for my brother Jacob’s help though. Jacob put his creative hat on and wrote a poem entitled “The Perfect Woman” that we attached to a gingerbread woman to give to our cousin.

Both of the poems are pictured below.



The recipe for today will help you create the perfect {gingerbread}man or [gingerbread] woman. This is a tasty recipe that we have used in our house for years.



And here are the poems:


See? Finding the perfect man/woman isn’t too difficult.

Love, Emily

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