One of My Favorites: Thumbprint Cookies


21 days until Christmas also means that it is mom’s birthday today!  You can ask her how old she is, or ask dad how old she is… he is always happy to volunteer that information. Mom always has had many responsibilities on the farm, and we all definitely appreciate how much that she does for us;  although,  we probably do not thank her enough. Two years ago on Mother’s Day, we hacked into her blog and wrote the blog,  The Many Hats of Farm Moms, to show just how much we appreciate what she does – and we still appreciate all that she does for us!

One of the things that she use to do was help put on a Cookie Walk at Christmas time as a fundraiser for our school. She would often call in the help of the two grandmas when she was baking cookies for the cookie walk. One of my favorite cookies at the cookie walk was Thumbprint Cookies that Grandma Van Manen would bake for the cookie walk. She always placed red and  green M&M’s on top and they always looked so festive.

Here’s the recipe straight out of Grandma Van’s Kitchen:


I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as I do!

Love, Emily


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