A Snack Everyone Enjoys: Chex™ Mix


Monday nights are always one of my favorite nights of the week during the school year because it is connection group night! Throughout my years at Iowa State, I have been involved in a campus ministry called the Salt Company. The last two years, I have had the opportunity of co-leading a connection group through this ministry.  Our connection group is a place where a bunch of girls get together and talk about Jesus and life. A connection group night usually consists of talking about the message at Salt the Thursday night before and how to practically apply it, catching up on life, and updating each other on prayers and praises at the end. Being a part of a connection group throughout my years in college, whether being a member or a leader, has played a huge role in my life. It has been great to be surrounded by a community of women who is actively growing in their faith and encouraging you to grow in your own. Throughout the semester, it is always neat to see the group grow together as a whole and individuals grow closer to Jesus.

Unfortunately, tonight was my last official night leading a connection group, as I will be moving home in a little over a week to finish out my college career by student teaching. I will be sad to leave this group, but am so encouraged by the growth that has already happened this year in many of the girls’ lives. I know they will be in good hands with my co-leader Brielle.


Our connection group last Thursday night. We served as the welcome team for salt and decided to be festive with our Christmas sweaters!


During my two years of leading, I was known to do a lot of baking and would bring a lot of snacks to connection group. One of the favorite snacks that I have brought to connection group is Chex™ Mix. Everyone seems to enjoy this snack that is easy to munch on. This snack is also made many times throughout the year at our house… especially around Christmas time. It is a nice snack to go with all of the sweet treats around the holiday season. You can easily make it a little more festive by adding some holiday shaped pretzels!




Love, Emily

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