An Easy to Make Snack: Caramel Puffcorn


Iowa is the number one producing corn state, but have you ever wondered what field corn is actually made into? A lot of times people might think that corn is fed to pigs and cows, but is that really all? NO! Corn is in (almost) everything! In fact, the Iowa Corn Growers Association has a campaign going on right now that is called Corn: It’s Everything. According to the Iowa Corn Growers Association, a typical grocery store contains around 4,000 items that list corn ingredients on the label. Now that’s a lot of corn! The products that can contain corn vary from cereal to crayons to aspirin to chewing gum. To find a more comprehensive list of the uses of corn, click here.


An Iowa corn field in the middle of summer.

Our recipe for today contains the use of some corn products. Puffcorn and corn syrup are the two ingredients that contain corn products. Caramel Puffcorn is a fast, easy, and sometimes addicting snack that we often bring to family gatherings or have around the house when we have people over for the holidays.




Mom likes ot put the carmel puffcorn in Christmas containers to make it look a little more festive!

Enjoy some corn products this holiday season!

Love, Emily

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