Stay Warm – Hot Chocolate


It’s official! The cold December days have hit Iowa. When the cold days hit, livestock farmers must do a lot to ensure that all their animals are warm and well taken care of. Today Jacob was doing one of the tasks that is done each winter on our farm to make sure that the cattle in the open lot have a warm, dry place to stay. He was building a wall of cornstalk bales around the open lot that is used as a wind break to protect the cattle from the cold Iowa winter winds.

Here are a few pictures of Jacob putting up the wind break today:



After a cold day out on the farm, every now and then it is nice to come in and have a mug of hot chocolate to help warm up. Growing up, my mom use to keep a container full of hot chocolate mix in the cupboard just for those cold days. The recipe for the hot chocolate mix is found in our Jansen Family Cookbook and is from Great Grandma Jansen.




Stay warm!

Love, Emily

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