Grandma B’s Specialty: Candy Cane Cookies


Today is Grandma Bunse’s birthday, so I decided to feature one of her recipes. (This recipe just happens to be Mom and Dad’s favorite kind of Christmas cookie too!) Grandma played an important role in teaching Jacob and I how to bake. At age 82, Grandma still keeps busy baking cookies for her grandchildren, church, and neighborhood families. She is known as a granmda to many even though Jacob and I are her only two grandchildren.

Here is the recipe along with pictures of Grandma Bunse baking the Candy Cane Cookies:



Each of the balls is approximately one Tablespoon of dough. The balls are then rolled out into 6 inch strips.



Grandma twisting the dough together like a rope to form candy cane.


A pan full of candy canes ready to go in the oven.


Grandma checking to make sure the cookies are lightly browned.


Sprinkling candy cane mixture and sugar on warm candy cane cookies.


A plate full of finished candy canes.


Love, Emily

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