Aunt Michele’s Delicious Homemade Caramels


Can you believe that Christmas is only two weeks away? I am excited for Christmas Day to arrive, so that I can spend time with family and friends (and not have to worry about finals!). At Grandpa and Grandma Van Manen’s Christmas, one of the things that my mom looks forward to the most is Aunt Michele’s delicious caramels. Aunt Michele says that she has been making these caramels for 8 – 10 years, and I know that my mom is not the only one that looks forward to the caramels at the Van Manen family Christmas.  They are definitely a family favorite!

Below is the recipe for the caramels along with pictures of the caramel-making process.(Photography by Heather Jansen)







Thank you Aunt Michele for letting me feature your recipe! And Happy Anniversary Uncle Trent & Aunt Michele!

Love, Emily

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