And the tradition continues: Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite family traditions is baking  and decorating sugar cookies around Christmas time. This tradition started many years ago when Jacob and I were young. Every year the amount of cookies that we decorate seems to increase! This year Jacob (Kate, too!) and I were in charge of baking the cookies. Jacob is always determined that the cookies that he bakes will be the best tasting cookies. After the cookies were all baked, the cookie decorating began the next day.  Saturday was cookie decorating day. The whole family gets involved on cookie decorating day, even dad and Grandma B. This year Grandma B. made most of the frosting and also was on the clean up crew. (We definitely kept her busy!) The rest of us were busy decorating cookies… each one is probably a little unique!

Here are a few of the different cookies that we decorated this year:


The sugar cookie recipe that we use is from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book.




Love, Emily



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