A Day of Milestones & Puff Pillows


Today two of my close friends are reaching important milestones in their lives. My best friend, Kelly, is getting married. Kelly and Chris are both from my high school, so I am so excited to see them get married today! The only thing I am a little nervous about is the speech that I’ll give tonight. Also, my college friend and roommate, Jenny, graduates from Iowa State today. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to Jenny’s graduation, but she’ll do great. One year, I gave Jenny a platter of Christmas goodies for her to take home to her family, and one of her favorite treats on the platter was Puff Pillows. We had plans on baking Puff Pillows together before we both left Ames;  but we never got around to it. (So hopefully this posts helps you, Jenny!)





*A couple of hints for the filling after visiting with Grandma Van this a.m.  Use all butter for filling and beat butter and sugar together for 4 minutes before adding cooled milk/flour mixture.  Add milk/flour mixture and beat another 4 minutes.  Finally, add flavorings and beat 2 minutes.


The pastries ready to be covered with egg wash and rock sugar.


Pastries about ready to go in the oven.


Pastries fresh form the oven – ready to be filled.


Slice pastries in half with a serrated bread knife and fill with filling using a pastry bag.  I prefer to use the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator.


Ready to eat!  Puff Pillows freeze well too.

Congratulations Kelly & Chris and Jenny!


Love, Emily

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