A Night of Father/Daughter Bonding & Trying Out an Old Family Recipe


Butter Crunch

Tonight mom is busy doing end of the year book work before the tax appointment. Guess when the tax appointment is… it’s tomorrow. (If you know my mom at all, you are probably not surprised by this one bit.) While mom is busy doing getting ready for the tax appointment, dad took over the kitchen with me tonight. First, we made Grandma Van Manen’s Savory Potato Cheese Soup, which is delicious and hits the spot – especially on a cold winter evening. After supper, dad really wanted to try out an old candy recipe that his grandma use to make. So, we (mainly dad) set to work making Butter Crunch candy. This candy resembles a Heath bar. We were pleased with how the recipe turned out, but did a few tweaks along the way.



Dad cooling off the candy and making sure it doesn’t stick to the pan.

Throughout the course of the evening mom could be found doing book work, which she will continue to do into the wee hours of the morning.


Love, Emily


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