Memory Monday – February 27th

February 27 – a day that brings many fond memories for us.  First, my dad (Grandpa B. would have been 90 today.  He was a man who did his job, and pretty much kept to himself.  We (especially Grandma B.) were always amused how involved he was with his grandchildren!  He did things with them that he never did with my sister and I!  It was just my sister and I; and, Jacob and Emily are the only grandchildren on that side of the family. Dad  retired from John Deere Des Moines in Ankeny (good thing I married a John Deere farmer – sometimes when we would buy parts we would tell Dad that we were contributing to his pension fund) before we had children, so Grandpa and Grandma B.  took care of J & E quite a bit; and Grandpa loved to mow, so he would help me out by mowing the yard.  Being a tool and die maker  – perfection was one of his strong points.  So, we had to explain to him that a farmyard usually has a few dandelions and does not need to look quite as prefect as a town yard!


Dad was a good basketball player in high school.   So, you can imagine his excitement when Jacob played high school basketball.  Seven years ago, on Dad’s 83rd birthday, Jacob’s high school basketball team, the Lynnville-Sully Hawks, played the game that earned them the honor of playing in the state tournament.


February 27, 2010 – What a great birthday present for Grandpa B.!!

For Meatful Monday and in honor of Grandpa B. – click here to see the recipe for ham balls, one of Grandpa B.’s favorite recipes.


Enjoy each day with family and take lots of pictures!  (I was going to post this earlier tonight, but I was distracted by old pictures as I walked down memory lane.)

Have a great week!






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