Frigid Weather = Soup Weather

FRIGID – the only word to describe today!!  My phone says -21…feels like -43!  I have to admit – I have not left the house.  The sun is shining, but oh so cold! The guys are busy getting calves fed.  Looks like machinery has started so far. That is always a relief in this kind of weather.  A few minutes ago Jacob came in to see if I was staying warm!!  He had his ear flapper hat on as he stood over the register to warm his feet.  A new group of calves arrived late last Wednesday night and since then the weather has been brutal!  The barn for these calves is set up so they have feeding bunks and automatic waterers outside which usually works great!  However, they knew that young calves in a new environment would not like to go outside to eat in this weather.  Eating and drinking in this kind of weather is especially important for livestock.  So, they put feed tubs and water tanks in the building.  However, this requires filling the water tanks a couple times a day with hoses!  Well, you know what happens to hoses when left outside in this kind of weather!  So, for the last week, twice a day; they come to the house with hoses in tow down the basement stairs.  (Sometimes I help hold the door open!)  Last week the well was frozen.  This required trips to the house to fetch hot water to thaw out the well.  (My basement stairs are not very pretty right now…but who wants to take their boots off just to walk up and down the stairs?!)

snow blowing12419The month of January found us selling pigs.  The buildings are warm!  I just need a walkway from the house to the pig barns!  Now, the challenge is to keep the buildings warm so the water pipes do not freeze.  When the buildings are full of big pigs, the body heat from the pigs help to heat it.  When we get new pigs in in a couple of weeks the buildings will be warmed close to 70 degrees. Since the barns are empty, the heaters are running to keep the temperature above freezing.  It is hard to believe, but our “new” building is twelve years old; therefore repairs and replacements happen.  Yesterday, the guys put in a few new heaters to make sure we would have heat in there today!

pig truck 12319

Next time we sell pigs this scene will be a little different…green grass and a growing garden!

Snickers, the farm dog – fair weather farm dog I might add- has been in the tractor, pick up or curled up on the couch (as she is now) for the majority of the time the past week!


Last Saturday was a little warmer and I got the honor of opening gates to put corn stalk bales in for the cattle in the hoops here at home.  It really was better than I thought. No wind which makes a huge difference.


They love their fresh sheets!   Better stop recording and open a gate!


This is the best way to spend a frigid winter day!  Kennedy has her toys and Snickers has her toys!


Grandpa Kevin has two beggars! We got tired of waiting for Dad and Grandpa, so we had already eaten, but I think someone else thinks a little more would be OK.


All bundled up!!


Here are some of MY FAVORITE SOUP RECIPES that I shared a year ago!  Stay warm!

Take care,